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 Peak District Cuisine


  • The principles of Peak District Cuisine
  • Working towards sourcing as much local produce as possible
  • Collaboration not competition
  • Honesty, transparency, traceability, accountability
  • Building on what already exists in a complimentary way



Peak District Environmetal Quality Mark

 All Peak District Environmental Quality Mark Achievers have made special efforts to conserve the natural environment of the Peak District National Park.

Peak District Fine Foods are committed to minimising its environmental impacts where possible.

Action is being taking in the following areas:

Glass, paper, tins and plastic are recycled.

Email and telephone is used, where appropriate, rather than paper-based communication.

Used printer cartridges are sent for recycling.

Recycled paper is used in the office.

Plastic bags and boxes are reused wherever possible.

Our office has been built to high standards of energy efficiency.

All new white goods are bought with A or B energy ratings.

We operate a switch off' policy for all unnecessary electrical items.

Individual thermostats have been fitted in order to regulate the heat through the building.

Toilet cisterns are dual flush to reduce water use.

Our delivery and pick up routes are carefully linked to reduce unnecessary food miles.

Wherever possible we use local suppliers and seek to use goods and services which do not have a negative environmental impact.

Details from:

Peak District National Park Authority
Tel: 01629 816321


 Peak District Foods Group

 All the members of Peak District Foods have signed up to the following principals:

  • Honesty, transparency, traceability, accountability
  • Working towards sourcing as much produce as locally as possible
  • Collaboration not competition
  • Building on what exists in a complimentary way
  • Working to protect and enhance the distinctiveness of local culture and the local environment
  • Supporting the local economy by using local products and services where possible
  • Minimalistic packaging
  • Bringing producers and consumers together to learn from each other












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